Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Top Five...

As you can see, the Youth Room is currently sporting a new bulletin board featuring the 2005 YA Summer Reading Program 'Joust Read'. However, there is a small empty space that needs to be filled. And so, in honor of the movie High Fidelity, I would like to dedicate that space to 'Top Five...' lists. The best part of this addition to the bulletin board is that it will be up to YOU to help determine the 'Top Five'. So, get you're thinking caps on. If you had to come up with your own unique 'Top Five' list what would you choose? Some examples of 'Top Five' lists could include -

Top Five CD's I Currently Own
Top Five News Stories of the Year
Top Five Mangas
Top Five YA Fiction Reads
Top Five Summer Reads
the list could go on forever!

So, please, if you have any suggestions for a 'Top Five' list, please share them with me (Kyan). (All authors will be acknowledged.)


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